About us

Positive mind and body Innovation was established in 2020, the company was set up by two individuals, living in two different cities and from different walks of life that came together as they share the same passion, that is to help others to see that they can achieve anything that they want to in life by simply inspiring, encouraging and motivating them in order to find a more positive outlook and to transform a person’s dream into reality, a nice representation of this is the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. 
Not another weight loss group I hear you say, we are different from anyone else in the market and what sets us apart from the rest is that we meet our clients where they are and support and guide them into where they have always wanted to be, we cater for everyone’s needs and offer a variety of packages not just weight related, we also offer life coaching and a healthy work life balance.
How many of us can truly say that we love the skin we are in or we are happy with our lives and have a positive mindset, this is how we can help you, it is scientifically proven that a happier mindset enables us to create healthier and better choices in life. Allow us to help you with your journey as believe me when I tell you,  we know from experience that we are all on a journey one way or another and no journey is a straight road. If we are honest with ourselves most of us lead such a busy lifestyle and are a little stuck in our ways with deep rooted habits and we somehow find time to do things for others but we never have time for ourselves, it’s about finding that balance as you are equally important and we all deserve a bit of me time, so why not let us show you how to achieve this.
What we offer:
  • A range of products,
  • Online Support,
  • Virtual Support Meetings,
  • Life, Work life balance and wellness coaching 
  • Helping to Create a more Positive Mindset
  • Face to face Weekly weigh ins and Support Meetings
  • Getting weighed in the comfort of your own home
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Healthy eating plans or guidance
  • Goal Settings
  • Non-judgemental One 2 one Coaching and Support 
  • Motivational Support