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Strong Back Root

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What is Strong Back Root?

An Introduction to the Strong Back Root

A perennial herb that belongs to the Coffee/Rubiacae family, the Strong Back Root is a medicinal herb that has been used by people from various corners of the world for a number of medicinal purposes. The plant/shrub vine is native to places such as Jamaica, other locations of the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America as well as Southern Florida. The berries and roots of the plant are popular for their medicinal properties and have been used by people for quite a while now. Although the herb is somewhat beautiful, people tend to keep away from it given its odour that is not so nice and can irritate the nose and eyes. Besides its medicinal benefits, the Strong Back Root is also utilized as an ornamental plant. Strong Back Root is a rather resilient plant that can survive even an extensive dry spell.

Health Benefits of the Strong Back Root

The Strong Back Root is renowned for a number of health benefits. One of the benefits of the herb is that it relaxes and strengthens a number of muscles of the body such as those of the lungs and can consequentially enhance the health of the lungs. Although the Strong Back Root has got several health and medicinal benefits, it is mostly known for its use as a sex enhancement herb. The herb promotes vim and vitality in men and is used in combating infertility in women.

It has been observed that using the Jamaican Viagra can boost the sexual performance of an individual. Besides improving one’s libido, using the Strong Back Root also enhances sexual conditions and physical performance. Some of the sexual conditions that can be corrected using the Strong Back Root include premature ejaculation, sterility, erection issues and general poor sexual performance. The potency of the herb has made it a pretty popular remedy for men looking for a healthy and exciting sex life.

How to use the Strong Back Root

As earlier mentioned, the Strong Back Root has got various medicinal uses. What the herb is being used for actually determines quite a great deal how to prepare and use it. Another element that affects how the Jamaican Viagra is used is how it is available. One of the best ways of using the Strong Back Root for male sexual performance is by preparing herbal tea. All you need to prepare the tea are water and roots of the Jamaican Viagra. Boil the roots of the herb in water and allow to simmer for a period of between 10 and 15 minutes. Prior to straining the tea, allow it to steep for a couple more minutes. You can then add some sugar or honey (optional) before consuming the concoction.

Some of the other uses of Jamaican Viagra include relieving menstrual pain, treating digestive conditions, treating scurvy, remedying lumbago and jaundice.